Red Bean & Matcha Cupcakes


People with a sweet-tooth may not think that Japanese food has much to tempt them. What they don’t know is that Japanese ingredients can be a great addition to desserts such as this recipe for Red Bean & Matcha Cupcakes.

The light sweet flavour of red beans and the delicate taste of matcha will give a great Japanese twist to this beloved desert. Enjoy cupcakes combining subtle Japanese flavours with Japanese tea, great as a special celebration treat for any young sweet fans at Shichi-Go-San!

Group 2 people  Time 15 minutes  Hourglass 20 minutes  Money_pound spend


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  • Ae7c8641e9165142458d1de79420964f
    Mee Nov 10, 2012

    Is it possible to substitute the soy bean flour with normal wheat flour ?

  • F8df8c04cd72d248498a835363717b7e
    Haikugirl Nov 12, 2012

    Is there a reason why Masuda Seifunsho Low Gluten Flour (Hakuriki Komugiko) is used? Can you use regular plain flour or self raising flour? Also, can you use regular granulated sugar?


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