Oyakodon Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl


An oldie but a goodie, this classic Japanese rice dish wins hands down on the taste and ease front. Oyakodon is a ‘donburi’ style of Japanese dish where a tasty topping is laid over a bowl of freshly boiled rice. Oyako literally translates as “parent and child”, a cute reference to the perfect combination of chicken and egg in this recipe. Seasoned with soy, mirin and dashi it ticks all the right umami boxes.

Quick and easy to make Oyakodon Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl is ideal for cooking at any time. What’s best about Oyakodon Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl is that it only requires the most basic of Japanese cooking ingredients, so you probably already have them in your cupboard and can get cooking straight away.

Group 2 people  Time 0 minutes  Hourglass 20 minutes  Money_pound save


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  • 445d7860c748cd4a0455f19cd9470674
    Deena Caunt Oct 06, 2011

    This is the best version of the dish I’ve ever had in my life . Now I’ve tried yours I won’t be going back to the recipe in the book .

  • 8a9eac58d0eeca3f8c0689ba437de784
    Melissa Nov 14, 2012

    One of my favourite recipes alongside omuraiso!
    Would love to know quantities though, just so I know I’m not using too much or too little of anything first time round, after that I generally wing it :)

  • Ce2387638325b984b95022a7e3c632e6
    Bavo Jun 08, 2014

    You forgot to mention a few things so I’ll put them here for others! ;)

    For the Ingredients:
    - Pinch of sugar (or honey)
    - 1 Onion

    How to prepare:
    Slice the leek and add to the pan along with the onion

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