Omusubi Mixed Onigiri Rice Ball


Omusubi is another name for onigiri rice balls, that quintessential Japanese food, perfect for bento boxes, a quick lunch, or a snack when you are feeling peckish.

This recipe uses the yaki-tarako flavoured omusubi rice seasoning, but any product from the same range will also work just as well. Yaki-tarako is roasted and seasoned roe, a popular and common ingredient in Japanese culture that is often used in sushi and for flavouring rice.

The completed onigiri are then wrapped up with a dried bamboo leaf. Bamboo leaf is a traditional wrap that has been used for centuries to wrap up food for transportation. It works especially well for rice as it keeps it at the right consistency and moisture levels until lunch time!

This recipe makes 4 onigiri rice balls.

Group 2 people  Time 15 minutes  Hourglass 10 minutes  Money_pound save


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