Oden Hotpot


Oden is a favourite winter dish in Japan made from various ingredients stewed together in a konbu kelp and dashi based stock. Oden is served at many Japanese street stalls and also cooked at home where it is served in a big pot at the table so everyone can enjoy eating this tasty and warming dish together. There are so many different ingredients that you can use in oden, but the most popular include fish cakes, mochi kinchaku (fried tofu pockets filled with mochi), daikon radish, konnyaku and tofu.

This recipe can take some time to complete so make sure you set a few hours aside before you plan to eat in order to make it. This great recipe is perfect for communal eating at home this winter time.

Group 4 People people  Time 20 minutes  Hourglass 120 minutes  Money_pound splurge


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