Natto Fermented Soy Bean Recipe Ideas


If you have heard of natto, then I am sure that you have also heard the responses that are heard every time someone mentions the name of these little soy beans!
Natto are one of those classic dishes that people either love or hate. Like Marmite or blue cheese, natto has a very strong smell and intense flavour that can definitely be an acquired taste.
Luckily, we love natto at Japan Centre so to help you get the most out of them, we have a variety of different ways you can enjoy these fermented soy beans.

Natto is also a very healthy food which is rich in a variety of vitamins as well as an enzyme called nattokinese which can help prevent heart diseases and strokes.

When you buy natto, they come in a small polystyrene pot with a single portion of natto, plus a sachet each of dashi and mustard. To prepare them, simply mix it up for a minute with chopsticks until the admittedly slightly stringy mixture is smooth.
Then follow the recipes below to enjoy some classic ways of eating natto.

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