Maki Sushi Rolls


Sushi rolls, or ‘makizushi’ in Japanese, are the quintessential type of sushi that is most familiar outside of Japan. This type of sushi is made by wrapping up a variety of ingredients in rice and crispy nori seaweed. Some of the most common ingredients for makizushi include salmon, tuna and avocado.

Making makizushi at home can be very fun as you can mix any ingredients that you like together to create a new sushi masterpiece! Recent favourites in our deli umai have been spicy tuna inside-out roll, teriyaki chicken sesame inside-out roll and prawn tempura nor roll with avocado & mayo! With limitless possibilities, see what you can create!

Group 1 person  Time 15 minutes  Hourglass 20 minutes  Money_pound spend


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  • E0d6771fe38c9962c76814e3736ddb0e
    Zombie May 05, 2011

    Marmite maki sounds wicked – how about some smoked cheese with that, and worcester sauce instead of soy? =D

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