Korean Style Spicy Miso Soup


If you are a regular customer at Japan Centre Online, you may have noticed that we love to promote miso soup as being healthy and full of friendly nutrients for your body. Well, we are not the only ones to understand the benefits of miso soup as you can now find this Japanese food staple in all types of cafes and sandwich shops across the UK, even ones that don’t sell any other Japanese food!

As the name suggests, miso soup is made with miso, a paste made from fermented soybeans, and introduced to Japan by monks in the 7th century. During the samurai era, miso soup was commonly eaten at breakfast, maybe it gave those samurai warriors the edge for victory? :)

Even though miso soup represents Japanese food, you can also find it in other Asian countries such as Korea. Japan’s neighbour loves to add chilli and other spices to their food and this also goes for their version of miso soup. The use of spices and chilli can give a richer taste and aroma to the traditional miso soup. If you like miso soup, but interested in making something slightly different, try this recipe to spice things up!

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