Inari Sushi


Inari, the Japanese God is worshipped in Japan as one of the main deities in the Shinto religion and presides over fertility, rice, agriculture and foxes. Oh, he also supposedly rather fond of deep fried tofu pockets filled with rice, named inari sushi in his honour.

This type of sushi is one of the easiest to make and can be a great snack by itself or served in a bento with other items.
The deep fried tofu pockets come in a variety of different ways, but the easiest way is to use pre-made pockets like we are using in this recipe.

Group 1 person  Time 0 minutes  Hourglass 20 minutes  Money_pound save


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    Holly Dec 12, 2011

    Looking at the Hikari brand of Inari age it says yes to fish, is the fish in the soy sauce? Thanks :)

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