Homemade Dashi Stock


Dashi is a flavouring stock used in Japanese cuisine, giving that quintessential Japanese flavour to your favourite foods. It all starts with something called “umami”, which when translated from Japanese to English, “savoury” is probably the closest word. Umami was discovered as one of the five senses to accompany sweet, sour, bitter and salty and is a more friendly name for the taste of glutamates. One of the main combinations that make up umami is the perfect harmony of konbu seaweed and katsuobushi bonito flakes strained together to make dashi, essentially a liquid form of umami!

Dashi is used in so many Japanese dishes that it is impossible to name them all. Everything from noodle soups to mixing with egg for an omelette, all of these dishes have dashi in, and that is why they all taste so good!

Even though instant dashi stock is available in powdered form, making your own dashi is much more healthy, tastes better and is much easier than you might expect.

If you want to read more about dashi, check out our blog article What is Dashi Stock and How to Make it.

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    jay Mar 15, 2012

    How much ml of water and how many grams of konbu to make this dashi.. it just says add a postcard size to the water.. but how much water?

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