Harumaki Spring Rolls


Harumaki spring rolls are a delicious example of the popularity of Chinese food in Japan. Harumaki is literally translated as spring roll, you may have noticed that the word ‘maki’ is also used in maki sushi rolls! The name originates from a custom of harumaki typically being eaten on the first day of Spring. Harumaki were originally introduced to Japan by Chinese immigrants and adapted to Japanese tastes in a similar way to ramen noodles. Just like ramen, harumaki can now be found in restaurants and supermarkets all over Japan.

Harumaki spring rolls are usually deep-fried until the outside becomes deliciously crispy while the inside stays soft and full of flavour. They are easy to make too, you can use various leftovers for the filling and all your favourite ingredients such as meat or vegetables work well. Serve them as an appetizer for you and your friends or as a side dish to your main Japanese meal!

Group  people  Time 30 minutes  Hourglass 10 minutes  Money_pound save


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