Halloween Salmon Temari Sushi


Happy Halloween!
If you are throwing a halloween party, either for the kids, or with your own friends, getting the food prepared is the first step to having a great evening. We made these amazing temari sushi balls and decorated them to look like halloween pumpkins, a perfect snack for your halloween party!

Temari sushi is a variety of sushi originating from Kyoto where circular balls of rice are laid with a topping of fish. Very similar to nigiri sushi, but shaped after temari balls, a traditional Japanese handcrafted item made from thread embroidered into patterned balls.

These temari sushi are made with salmon which gives them a just the right pumpkin look for halloween. Of course, you can make lots of other scary shapes to terrify your guests… and we guarantee that they will come back for more! :)

Group 1 person  Time 30 minutes  Hourglass 10 minutes  Money_pound spend


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