Beef Sukiyaki Donburi Rice Bowl


Sometimes the best foods are created when two existing dishes are combined together, using the the best of both to make something truly incredible. Think where we would be without the beautiful pairings of cheese & ham, mash potato & gravy, or even chicken and teriyaki sauce. Sukiyaki don is what happens when you combine two amazing Japanese dishes into one super-delicious feast.

Sukiyaki is a hot pot dish made with meat, tofu, fresh vegetables and noodles simmered in a large pot with a sweet soy based soup. Once the ingredients are fully cooked, you dip them into a raw beaten egg and eat.

Don is short for donburi, a type of Japanese dish where a selection of toppings are laid over a bowl of rice. Common toppings for donburi are sliced beef, or chicken and egg, but a sukiyakidon has a whole sukiyaki dish piled over the rice, to make the ultimate one person hot pot / rice bowl meal!

Group 2 people  Time 15 minutes  Hourglass 10 minutes  Money_pound spend


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    Dominika & Andrew Feb 12, 2012

    Dear Japan Centre,

    We were amazed by the awesomeness of your sukiyaki donburi recipe. すごく美味しかったです!ドミニカはすごく上手な調理師でした。
    However, we have a a couple of very minor comments to make, regarding the recipe, see below:
    1. How ‘small’ is a ‘small cup’? I don’t have a 160g cup
    2. 320g of rice for ONE person??
    3. we tried the recipe with 5 spring onions instead of 1, and it was MUCH better than with 1! (although we’ve never tried with 1 onion…)
    4. What is a ‘large’ pan? We used a wok, maybe you meant a saucepan?
    5. Who would actually want a raw egg?? (please update the picture, it’s making me feel queezy)
    6. ‘Half a carrot’…how big is a carrot?
    7. We didn’t need 250ml of sukiyaki sauce – you should sell smaller bottles!
    8. You need to include the time for cooking the rice in the total cooking time. Not everyone has cooked rice lying around the kitchen!
    9. What is a ‘bite size’? – for Dominika, it’s tennis ball sized. For Andrew, it’s more like half a peanut
    10. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, in the recipe about cutting carrots into star shapes
    11. You said to put all of the vegetables + tofu into the pan at the same time. Well, not really, the carrots take a bit longer to cook than the tofu!

    Anyway, it was very tasty :) We will cook it again some time!

    Love you (we’ve been drinking)

    Dominika & Andrew

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    us again Feb 12, 2012

    oh, also, you didn’t specify that all comments get posted on the page…

  • 2bcf87d0f76e86caff368ba351c6fd5a
    hi, us again Feb 12, 2012

    sorry. love you xxx :) thumbs up

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