Aonori Seaweed Infused Chikuwa Tempura


Tempura has now become a Japanese food favourite in the West with more and more people enjoying the light and cripsy taste of delicatley deep fried vegetables and seafood. You may have already tasted prawn, pumpkin, or squid tempura but what about chikuwa seafood stick tempura?

Chikuwa literally means “bamboo ring” in Japanese, a name which comes from the tube shape of this low-fat seafood stick made from a mix of fish, surimi and egg. You can spot them in Japanese hot-pot dishes such as oden all over Japan, but they are also a delicious snack when deep fried!

A little trick that is well known by traditional Japanese izakaya bars is to mix the tempura batter with aonori seaweed to make chikuwa isobe-age. A small addition that makes a big difference to the flavour! You will often see Japanese people eating these chikuwa isobe-age in bars with an ice cold Asahi beer to wash it down with!

Group 1 person  Time 15 minutes  Hourglass 5 minutes  Money_pound splurge


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