Spicy Shirataki Noodle Salad 295kcal


Shirataki, the miracle diet noodle with zero calories, is made from a plant called konjac or yam, and is particularly good for those wanting to lose weight as it’s packed full of fibre and of course unbelievably low in calories. Shirataki noodles also help to control blood sugar levels, reducing sugar and carb cravings and therefore helping slimmers to maintain a controlled diet.

Used in a variety of traditional and modern dishes and adept at absorbing flavours, shirataki noodles have a chewy texture making them perfect for soups, salads or stir frys. For this 295kcal recipe we used a blend of soy sauce and karashi mustard to give a spicy kick to this healthy noodle dish.

Group 1 person  Time 0 minutes  Hourglass 15 minutes  Money_pound save


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