How To Make Japanese Rice and Sushi Rice


Some fans of Japanese food may be unaware of how to cook Japanese rice correctly as many of us are brought up only cooking Indian rice, however the preparation is quite different. We will show you how to make great tasting rice, perfect for all Japanese dishes. On top of that, we’ll show you how to turn your rice into vinegared rice to make any type of healthy sushi. And remember, there’s no such thing as sushi rice – sushi can be made from any Japanese rice.

Group 2-3 people  Time 10 minutes  Hourglass 25 minutes  Money_pound save


How to prepare

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  • 0f6a632982a16dfc41c8224e8fb21871
    Big Swee Aug 08, 2010

    I’m probably going to appear to be a complete idiot here but I assume at stage four your drain the rice and leave to sit or do you allow the rice to soak in the water until ready to serve.

  • B79a690c1b388e43b4bad561f4545899
    dracuella Mar 17, 2011

    @Big Swee
    No stupid questions only stupid answers, right? :)
    Oh and only 6 months in waiting, here’s the reply (which you probably found out yourself) :D

    You add so little water to the rice that you don’t need to drain, it’ll all be absorbed by the rice. If not, leave on the stove a little longer before stage 4 or turn the heat up a little during stage 4. ‘Minimum heat’ is very individual from stove to stove. Also for variation add kombu to the water during cooking for additional flavour and (as I do) leave the rice to soak in cold water an hour or so before boiling :)

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