Yamakaen Powdered Green Tea (O Matcha) 100g 

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A large tin of matcha green tea powder used to make healthy matcha green tea. This tea has a rich green tea flavour with both sweet and bitter tastes for a delicious, refreshing drink. You can drink matcha hot in the winter, or cold in the summer!


Matcha is a variety of green tea where the leaves have been ground into a fine powder which is then mixed with hot water to make tea. It is used extensively in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony called Chado or Chanoyu.

How To Use

Making green tea with matcha powder is easy.
• Add a small teaspoon of matcha powder to your cup.
• Pour in hot water, about 80°C is the best temperature.
• Use a matcha whisk to mix the matcha green tea powder in well and serve.
• Matcha powder can also be used to flavour Japanese desserts.

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