Yamahide Squid Tempura Flakes (Ika Tenkasu) 70g 

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A packet of tenkasu tempura flakes with added squid. These tenkasu tempura flakes usually have lots of crunch but little flavour of their own, with added squid shavings these tenkasu gain a nice rich taste to become the perfect addition to any number of dishes.


Like Aonori seaweed, Tenkasu is another handy seasoning that should be stocked in most Japanese food cupboards. Very versatile it is added to mostly soup-based dishes such as soba and udon, but is also great for added oomph to okonomiyaki, yakisoba and yakiudon.

How To Use

Use on top of a variety of Japanese dishes:
• Sprinkle on top ramen.
• Add to okonomiyaki for a bit of crunch.
• Add rich flavour to rice and rice bowl dishes with a handful.

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  • Nutrition

    Per 70g
    • Energy: 419kcal
    • Protein: 5.5g
    • Fat: 29.4g
    • Carbohydrates: 33.2g
    • Salt: 0.287g

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