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This beautifully printed drawstring kinchaku purse makes a gorgeous accessory for kimono and yukata. The cream floral design is specially printed by Uniseni Fashion using traditional Japanese techniques and uses patterns inspired by old kimono. This kinchaku is fastened with deep burgundy drawstring cords that compliment the pinks and red found throughout the design.


Kinchaku are traditional accessories to kimono and yukata and are a common sight around Japan during festival season. These drawstring purses can be used to carry anything from money and travel passes to cosmetics and other small objects. Larger sizes can also be used to carry shoes, gym kits and bento lunches to school and work!

How To Use

Beautiful and versatile.
• Use as a purse with or without a yukata and kimono.
• Great as a make-up bag, jewellery bag or beautiful travel bag.

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