Uniseni Fashion Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth - Purple Flowers 40g 

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This indigo, flower patterned furoshiki wrapping cloth makes a perfect bag or gift wrap that can be re-used time and time again. This furoshiki has been printed by Uniseni Fashion in a specialist studio that utilises Japanese kimono printing traditions and techniques.

Traditional Wrapping Techniques leaflet included.
45 × 45cm


Furoshiki are reusable Japanese cloths printed with striking designs in a myriad of colours. Used in Japan for centuries for a variety of purposes they were originally for wrapping clothes in when entering an ofuro bath (from where they got their name). They can be used to wrap bento, sake and presents in different traditional ways and are carried as a bag.

How To Use

Unique, beautiful and practical Japanese eco-bag.
• Use it to wrap sake as a gift wrap alternative.
• Carry your bento lunchbox to work or school wrapped inside.

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