The Original "Point and Speak" Phrasebook JAPAN 210g 

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Pain-free guide to spoken Japanese with over 3,000 everyday words and phrases. Learn as you “Point and Speak”, a fantastically fun way to use Japanese in daily situations! In Japan Centre’s opinion, one of the best phrasebooks ever made with useful pictures followed by the Japanese and English translations as well as the Japanese pronunciation.

Topics include everything you may need for a trip or move to Japan:
*Life in Japan
*Japanese Culture
*Enjoying Meals 1&2
*When and What Time
*Emergencies and Others

Pronunciation, basic rules, understanding Japanese people and a glossery also make this phrase book one of the best on offer. Lots of cute illustrations and photos, we cannot recommend this book enough and think it is highly suitable for those trying Japanese for the first time and in a real situations. Very easy to use and find your way around.



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