Takara Umeshu Plum Wine 750ml 

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A large 750ml bottle of umeshu plum wine. This umeshu plum wine has a sweet, fruity flavour without a strong alcoholic taste. A popular drink through the ages in Japan, you may just imagine you’re back in Japan’s roaring 20s when sipping on this rich and aromatic umeshu plum liqueur.


Umeshu is made by steeping unripened Japanese plums in alcohol and sugar to allow the flavours to infuse, some bottles even come with the whole plum still inside! This type of alcohol tastes sweet and sour and is great mixed with soda or drunk straight on the rocks.

How To Use

This delicious drink is fantastic as either an aperitif or digestif.
• Drink straight, on the rocks or with champagne for a truly indulgent cocktail.
• Mix Ume Shu with lemonade or soda to make an ume sour.
• Add a splash to hot green tea to make a delicious winter warmer.

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