Sushi Kit for Beginners 2.5kg, 9 items 

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All the ingredients and tools you need to start making sushi at home with this Sushi Kit for Beginners. Impress dinner party guests and create healthy lunches and become a sushi-master in next to no time with our Sushi Kit for Beginners!

This kit includes 9 items:
1x Premium Sushi Rice, 1kg
1x Nori Seaweed, 10 Sheets
1x Sushi Vinegar Seasoning, 355ml
1x Soy Sauce in dispenser, 150ml
1x Sushi Ginger, 50g
1x Wasabi Paste, 43g
1x White Sesame Seeds, 45g
1x Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat
1x Patterned Wooden Chopsticks

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