Sunyo Prepared Sweet Red Beans (Yude Azuki) 210g 

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A tin of pre-prepared sweet red azuki beans. These azuki beans have been slightly sweetened with sugar and are pre-boiled to soften them ready for use. Soaking and boiling sweet red azuki beans usually takes a long time, so using these prepared azuki beans is a handy way to quickly make dessert fillings and sweet garnishes.


Azuki red beans are often eaten in a hot soup with mochi rice cakes in Japan during the winter months, as a filling snack or end to a meal. The most popular types of soup are called oshiruko and zenzai and are often served in tranquil traditional tearooms.

How To Use

These sweet red azuki beans are perfect for:
• Filling dorayaki pancakes for a traditional and delicious Japanese dessert.
• Pairing with green tea ice cream for a taste of Japan.
• Using as a cake filling to give your desserts a Japanese twist.

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