Sunplus Low Calorie Yam Dumplings (Tama Konnyaku) 300g 



Zero calorie shirataki konnyaku dumplings made with fresh, as well as powdered yam, for higher fibre. Made from the konjac yam plant, these dumplings have a chewy, crunchy texture and little flavour of their own. These special dumpling style yam balls are particularly delicious in oden, stew or other hotpots, as well as a great alternative to rice based dango dumplings. Please refrigerate, do not freeze. Consume as soon as possible after opening.


Konnyaku contains 0 calories and no fat at all, yet is rich in minerals and fibre making it a great health food and diet aid. Konnyaku is enjoyed for its jelly like texture and subtle taste, and is typically found in oden soup dishes and on the table at New Year’s Day celebrations.

How To Use

This konnyaku can be used in a variety of dishes.
• Drain and rinse well, then pre-cook in boiling water for 2-3 minutes before using.
• Slice and boil in oden broth for a warm winter soup.
• Slice and add to hot pot dishes such as nabe and sukiyaki.
• Slice and eat cold as part of a salad.
• Please keep refrigerated after opening.

ITEM ID:#4414
  • Item Detail

    • Manufacturer: Sunplus
    • Size: 300 g
    • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Nutrition

    Per Serving (28.35g)
    • Energy: 0kcal
    • Protein: 0g
    • Fat: 0g
    • Carbohydrates: <4g
    Dietary Fibre: 3g
    Sugars: 0g
    • Sodium: 15mg

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