Shirakiku Fresh Udon Noodles with Soup (Yude Udon) 624g, 3 servings 

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A multi pack of pre-cooked fresh udon noodles. This see-thru cellophane packet contains 3 individually wrapped servings of fresh udon noodles and 3 sachets of udon noodle soup.


Udon noodles are the thickest of the white noodles and are famous for their fine, palatable and smooth taste. Made from wheat, salt and water, with the absence of egg udon noodles are generally whiter and softer in texture than other noodles.

How To Use

Fresh udon are great to have in the cupboard.
• Boil in a pan for 2~3 minutes and serve in a hot or cold tsuyu soup.
• Serve with spring onions, fried bean curd, tempura, vegetables, meat or egg.
• Add to stir fries to make yaki udon.

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