Shinshin Sushi Ginger (Amazu Shouga) 70g 

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A special value pack of pink, pickled sushi ginger. Lightly seasoned in sweet vinegar, this famous shredded ginger always accompanies sushi and sashimi. The refreshing flavour of pickled sushi ginger also makes it a great accompaniment to rice, a cup of green tea or in bento lunch boxes. Please refrigerate once opened and consume as soon as possible.


Sushi ginger, or gari, is so called because of the crunchy noise it makes when eaten. It’s traditionally used to cleanse the palate after eating raw fish.

How To Use

This sushi ginger is the same as that served in restaurants, enjoy it at home.
• Eat sushi ginger on the side with sushi and sashimi.
• Sprinkle on tofu with a dash of ponzu to give it a crunchy kick!

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