Shinmei Akafuji Akitakomachi Rice 2kg 

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Grown in Akita prefecture, this Akitakomachi strain of Japanese white rice is famous throughout Japan for its delicious taste and superior quality. Akitakomachi rice is sticky and chewy in texture, but is also firm and moist which makes it perfect sushi rice, or for use in any other Japanese dish.


Akitakomachi is a premium variety of Japanese rice from Akita prefecture. Akita is one of the most well known rice growing areas because of its clear water, fertile land and great weather. The range in temperatures between morning and night enables rice farmers to produce this premium quality rice.

How To Use

Rice is the staple food in Japanese cuisine with many ways to enjoy it.
• Mix with a little sushi rice vinegar to make sushi rice.
• Press into a triangle shape and wrap with nori seaweed to make onigiri rice balls.
• Serve in a small bowl to accompany any Japanese food for an authentic meal.

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