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A 500ml glass bottle of fresh and natural cassis liqueur. iichiko BAR Cassis is barley shochu mixed together with cassis juice. Perfect for cocktails, drinking on the rocks or straight, this cassis shochu is a fantastic drink for fans of Japanese cuisine.


Shochu is another indigenous Japanese alcoholic drink alongside sake and umeshu. Unlike sake it is distilled, not brewed, with the alcohol level usually between 25-45%. Its popularity is highest in southern Japan where the weather is considerably warmer and suits the distillation process best. Shochu can be made from sweet potato, rice, buckwheat or barley, each of which gives a very distinct flavour and aroma much like the varying tastes of scotch whiskey.

How To Use

Drink like whiskey or in a cocktail.
• Straight or on the rocks.
• Mix with ice and soda water.
• Use to make a Kir Royale cocktail.

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  • Item Detail

    • Size: 500 ml
    • Vegetarian: Yes
    • Alcohol Related: Yes
  • Nutrition

    Alcohol: 12%

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