Otafuku Okonomiyaki Pancake Sauce Large (Okonomi Sauce Hon Kaku) 500g, Plastic bottle 

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This 500ml squeezy bottle of okonomi sauce has a rich flavour similar to worcestershire sauce and is a popular condiment for dishes such as okonomiyaki and takoyaki.


Okonomi sauce is based on worcestershire sauce, but with a thicker texture and sweeter taste. Otafuku are the leading brand of sauces for okonomiyaki and this is their flagship product.

How To Use

Although made for okonomiyaki, this sauce can be used for a variety of other dishes.
• Squeeze over okonomiyaki for that authentic taste.
• Can also be used as a sauce for takoyaki or yakisoba.

ITEM ID:#929
  • Item Detail

    • Size: 500 g
    • Soy Sauce: Yes
    • Alcohol Related: Yes
    • Fish & Shellfish: Yes
  • Nutrition

    Per 100g:
    Energy: 132kcal
    Protein: 1.8g
    Fat: 0g
    Carbohydrates: 31.1g
    Sodium: 2000mg
    Equivalent as Salt: 5.1g

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