Nittou Shokuhin Kinako Soy Bean Flour 108g, 6 sachets 



A pack containing 6 sachets of kinako soy bean flour made naturally with GM-free soy beans. With each serving individually packaged, this kinako soy bean flour can be easily kept fresh and comes pre-seasoned with sugar for use straight out of the packet.


Kinako is a powder made by finely grinding roasted soy beans. Said to have a somewhat nutty flavour, kinako is a versatile ingredient that is packed full of Vitamin B and protein. Commonly used as a dusting for traditional Japanese desserts and sweets, kinako is a nutritious alternative to other common toppings.

How To Use

This kinako soy bean flour makes a number of yummy desserts and drinks:
• Add 2-3 tbsp to 200ml milk for a delicious drink.
• Use as a topping for ice cream, yoghurt or mochi.
• Mix with black sugar, matcha powder or honey for added flavour.

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