Masuyamiso Yuuki White Miso (Yuuki Shiro Miso) 300g, 300g 



This tub of yuuki white miso is made from ingredients grown without the use of pesticides and artificial chemical fertilisers.

Miso is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine, made from soy beans fermented with salt and koji mould, white miso is made specifically with a large amount of koji mould to give it an extra sweet taste. Full of vitamins and antioxidants, miso has many benefits for health such as aiding digestion, lowering cancer risks and improving the strength of the immune system.

This sweet white miso will not only help you make delicious soups but also tasty salad dressings, marinades for fish and vegetables and light sauces. Why not try making black miso cod or nasu dengaku? A great addition to any cook’s cupboard.

ITEM ID:#3465
  • Item Detail

    • Size: 300 g
    • Soy Beans: Yes
    • Vegetarian: Yes
    • Alcohol Related: Yes

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