Masuyamiso Miso Soup Topping - Wheat Puffs (Miso Shiru no Gu - Tama Fu Iri) 30g 



A handy resealable pack of instant miso soup topping containing Japanese wheat puffs, wakame seaweed, shiitake mushroom and spring onion. The savoury flavour from these selected ingredients diffuses into the miso soup for a rich, authentic taste and texture. Quick and easy to make, this miso soup topping creates a complete miso soup dish.


Miso soup is a typical dish for all meals in Japan, including breakfast. It is rich in taste and contains many healthy benefits for all diets. Use a traditional red and black miso soup bowl for authenticity when you enjoy your miso soup.

How To Use

For delicious and authentic, yet quick and easy miso soup:
• Add approx. 1 spoonful of this topping to an empty bowl.
• Pour in boiled miso soup.
• Mix well and serve.

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  • Item Detail

  • Nutrition

    Per packet:
    Energy: 97kcal
    Protein: 6.7g
    Fat: 1.5g
    Carbohydrates: 14.2g
    Sodium: 1.6g

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