Masuyamiso Hiroshima Style Oyster Dotenabe Hot Pot Sauce - Pouch (Kaki no Dotenabe) 250g, 3~4 servings 



A packet of instant Dotenabe hot pot sauce, nabe native to Hiroshima. Serving 3-4 people this nabe hot pot sauce provides a simple tasting yet delicious base for an oyster, vegetable and tofu nabe hot pot. This instant sauce has a rich miso and salty oyster flavour and is a recognised authentic product of Hiroshima.


Nabe is a popular social winter meal in Japan eaten from a communal pot on a tabletop stove. A special nabe earthenware pot is packed full of broth and an array of ingredients left to simmer together. People then sit around the pot and share its contents. Nabe comes in many different varieties, one is well known as the choice breakfast of sumo wrestlers!

How To Use

Nabe hot pot is simple to make:
• Boil 1 packet of dotenabe sauce and 100ml water on a high heat, mixing well.
• Add some chinese cabbage and allow the water from the leaves to drain into the broth.
• Add the oyster meat and the rest of your ingredients, wait until cooked through then sit and eat together with friends.

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  • Item Detail

    • Size: 250 g
    • Wheat: Yes
    • Fish & Shellfish: Yes
    • Soy Beans: Yes
    • Alcohol Related: Yes
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    Sorry None Provided

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