Marutai Bo Ramen Noodle - Original 164g, 2 servings 

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‘Bo’ means stick in Japanese and these tasty ramen are so named as they are straight, dried ramen noodles, different to the normal instant variety. The original flavour ramen is a rich, soy based ramen noodle soup. Each pack contains two bundles of dried ramen noodles.


Dried ramen noodles are generally better quality than instant noodles and contain less additives to make them healthier for us too. These are the only dried ramen noodles that we have and are a great option for all your favourite ramen dishes.

How To Use

These dried ramen noodles are easy to cook.
• Add the ramen noodles to 450ml of water in a pan.
• Cook for 2 – 3 minutes, then add the soup sachet.
• Pour into a bowl and garnish with spring onion, egg and other meat or vegetables.

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  • Nutrition

    Per Serving: (82g)
    • Calories: 278kcal
    • Total Fat: 2.4g
    • Sodium: 2.1mg
    • Total Carb: 52.7g
    • Protein: 11.4g

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