Marukyo Assorted Traditional Cakes (Aji No Meisaku) 250g, 18 cakes 

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This packet contains an assortment of 18 fine quality traditional Japanese cakes, each individually wrapped in easy to open cellophane. They are a perfect accompaniment to green tea and an impressive alternative to Western cakes and biscuits.

The cakes are made in various traditional shapes such as a chestnut, peach leaf emblem and blossom. The fillings are unique in each shape:

Kuri Man / Sweet Chestnut – Chestnut shaped: Chopped chestnut and white anko filling with scattering of poppyseeds on outside.
Momo Yama / Peach Mountain – Peach leaf emblem: White Anko cake with red bean filling.
Nyuuka / Sweet Milk – Blossom shaped: Milk and white anko filling.
Matcha Manjyu / Green Tea – Ball shaped: Finely ground green tea and white anko.
Soba Manjyu / Buckwheat – Ball shaped: White anko filling with soba buckwheat flour cake.

Japanese rice wine has been used in this product.

How To Use

Please note that due to the freshness of this product its shelf-life is around 1 month. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions or our recommended use by date. Consume as soon as possible.

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