Marukin Soba Tsuyu Soup (Honbutsu Kezuri Soba Tsuyu) 340ml Low in Stock (only 1 left) 

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A bottle of light katsuo bonito and konbu kelp based tsuyu soup for soba noodles made from pure bonito. This soba tsuyu soup can be used straight from the bottle, with no need to dilute and is best suited to cold zaru soba.


Soba are a traditional type of Japanese noodle that are mainly produced in Hokkaido. They can be served either hot in a delicious soup, or even served chilled with a tsuyu and wasabi dipping sauce, a great way to cool down in the warm summer months.

How To Use

Easy and convenient.
• Pour a small amount in to a cup or beaker and dip chopstick portions of soba in the tsuyu before eating.
• Add fresh toppings of chopped spring onion and shredded kizami nori to your noodles, as well as wasabi paste to the tsuyu soup.

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    • Size: 340 ml
    • Soy Sauce: Yes
    • Soy Beans: Yes
    • Fish & Shellfish: Yes
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