Marukin Gyoza Dumpling Sauce (Gyoza No Tare) 200ml 

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A small bottle of gyoza dumpling sauce made from soy sauce and sesame oil, perfect for dipping your delicious gyoza in. The soy sauce and soy beans used in this sauce are GM free.

Gyoza is the Japanese name for those tasty little pan or deep fried Chinese dumplings sold in many restaurants all over Asia. Usually made from minced pork, cabbage, ginger and garlic, gyoza are a perfect starter or side dish to many meals.

Why not trying to make your own gyoza with your friends following our delicious gyoza recipe in the recipe section, before dipping them in this umami sauce? Japan Centre also recommends a little bit of karashi mustard as a gyoza condiment. keep refrigerated once opened.

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  • Item Detail

    • Size: 200 ml
    • Soy Sauce: Yes
    • Wheat: Yes
    • Alcohol Related: Yes
    • Soy Beans: Yes

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