Maruki Fun Shapes Extra Deep Food Cutters (Dekoben Kitto Poppu) 35g 

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Pancakes? No problem. Cookies? Can do! These cute, extra deep food shapers make short work of bringing fun flair to any dekoben or kyaraben bento lunchbox. In fish, car, cloud and star shapes, these cutters are a cinch to use with thicker foods like fruit slices, eggs, cookie dough, pancakes or rice. Also included are special cut-out bento lunchbox baran dividers, featuring phrases like ‘Well done’ or ‘Eat lots’ in Japanese.


Japan loves gadgets and cookware is no exception. Whether it’s sushi rollers to help you make the perfect maki or egg moulds for amazing lunch box fillers, there will be an item to make it easier or cuter or both! Save money and eat healthy with bento packed lunches.

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