Kurata Foods Hiroshima Style Spicy Dipping Noodles (Hiroshima Tsukemen) 326g, 2 servings 



A pack of dried tsukemen dipping noodles with a spicy dipping sauce. A speciality of Hiroshima, these spicy dipping noodles are round, thinly cut and are to be served cold and dipped into the fiery chilli pepper sauce. The chilli sauce is made from hot Korean chilli and contains golden sesame seeds for added umami savoury flavour.


Tsukemen noodles are a close cousin of ramen noodles and are especially enjoyed during hot days when you can’t face a hot broth! Tsukemen literally means ‘dipping noodles’ and are cold noodles dipped in a cold sauce before eating.

How To Use

To whip up this hot dish:
• Blanch some cabbage in a pan of hot water and rinse
• Add the noodles to the pan and boil for approx. 4.5 mins, drain and rinse with cold water to cool.
• Add the cabbage and other vegetables such as spring onion and cucumber to a plate with the noodles.
• Pour the dipping sauce and sesame seeds into a small bowl, add the chilli a little at a time to get the right spiciness and serve.

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