Kimura Tsukemono Bonito & Plum Pickled Takuan Radish (Ume Katsuo Aji Takuan) 295g, 1 piece 



A pack of dried and pickled takuan radish. Made with slowly matured, salt cured dried daikon radish from Yamagata prefecutre, as well as bonito flakes and natural plum vinegar, this pickle is refreshing and full of flavour. Lightly sweet and savoury, this pickled radish is a great accompaniment to any meal. Weight may vary very slightly between packets.


Pickles are an eternally popular Japanese condiment with many varieties to choose from. Takuan are made from daikon, or mooli as they are known in the UK, the iconic Japanese white radish found in Asian supermarkets all over the world!

How To Use

Use this takuan in any number of ways:
• Eat as a side dish with any meal.
• Add thin slices to salad for a bit of zest.
• Accompany beer as a traditional snack.
Once opened please keep refrigerated and consume as soon as possible.

ITEM ID:#4376
  • Item Detail

    • Size: 295 g
    • Fish & Shellfish: Yes
    • Alcohol Related: Yes
    • Soy Sauce: Yes
    • Wheat: Yes
  • Nutrition

    Sorry None Provided.

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