Kashiwazaki Seika Dried Sliced Burdock (Suraisu Gobou) 20g 



A packet of dried, thinly sliced burdock. This dried sliced burdock is made from burdock grown in Aomori Prefecture, famous for its good quality crop. With a sweet taste and aroma, this sliced burdock can be added straight to the pot for cooking in stews without having to be soaked in water beforehand, very handy!


Burdock is used widely in Japanese cooking, most noticably in Kinpira Gobou which is a stir fried dish with soy sauce and red hot pepper but is often also used in soups, salads and as a boiled side dish. It is rich in fibre so good for digestion and mostly used in hearty, filling recipes.

How To Use

Use this dried sliced burdock in:
• Tsumire fish stew, simply add a few slices of burdock at the same time as your other vegetables.
• When making chicken and vegetable hot pot add some slices of burdock once the miso nabe soup is boiling.
• Grind the slices and add 1 tsp to hot water to make healthy burdock tea.

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