Kai Houseware Gyoza Dumpling Press (Pakkun Gyoza Setto) 135g 



Create perfect small and large gyoza in an instant with this handy two-size gyoza press. Add your gyoza skin and filling and press down for the perfect traditional gyoza shape! Much quicker than fiddling with your gyoza by hand this press also comes with a non-stick spoon so you can measure the perfect amount of filling for your finished gyoza dumplings. Dishwasher safe.


Gyoza is the name for those delicious little Chinese dumplings that are filled with ingredients such as pork, chicken, prawn or vegetables. Japanese style gyoza can be pan fried or steamed and are a delicious side dish with any Japanese meal.

How To Use

For perfect gyoza dumplings:
• Add one skin on top of the size mould that you want to use.
• Slightly wet the edges of the gyoza skin with water and add a spoonful of filling on top.
• Gold the skin over so it covers your filling and press!

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