Japan Centre Matcha Green Tea & Azuki Swiss Roll Slice *Consume within 1-4 days 90g, 1 slice 

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A generous slice of matcha green tea swiss roll, filled with delicious sweet red azuki bean paste. The bitterness of the green tea swiss roll sponge perfectly balances with the subtle sweetness of the red azuki bean paste, creating a wonderful marriage of traditional Japanese flavours in a modern dessert. A particularly light sponge popular in the east, this swiss roll is light, fluffy and doesn’t feel sinful to eat at all!

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Japanese desserts come in all shapes and sizes, from dainty daifuku mochi to large decorative cakes. Encompassing a wide range of flavours such as chocolate, green tea and chestnut, take a peek at Japan Centre’s dessert page and see what new and exciting sweet treats you can discover!

How To Use

This item was originally frozen and will become chilled during delivery. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions or our recommended use by date. Store in the fridge and do not refreeze. This item will be sent with cool gel in a poly box using Before Noon Delivery option (2-5 working days). UK mainland only.

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