Inomata Triangular Onigiri Rice Ball Mould (Naruhodo Oshikata Sankaku) 80g 



Get your onigiri into perfect shape with these triangular rice ball moulds. with a brilliant non-stick dimpled surface, simply pack with rice and secure the lid for perfect and even triangles every time. There’s even a mechanism to punch a hole in the middle for your filling. Brilliant for beginners, this rice ball mould is a must-buy for people who want to make perfect looking bento and snacks!


Onigiri is a triangular or circular shaped rice ball, often wrapped in nori seaweed. There are many different toppings and fillings which can be used. Onigiri even appear in the famous Tale of Genji, although in a slightly different form to the ones we know and love today.

How To Use

If you wish to add a filling to your onigiri make sure to add the two punches to the mould as well:
• Fill your moulds with freshly cooked sticky white rice.
• Replace the lid and push down firmly.
• Push out onigiri from the bottom of the mould onto a plate.

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