Ibonoito Somen 300g 

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6 invidual bundles of dried somen noodles. These hand stretched somen noodles are produced in Hyogo prefecture, in south central Japan and contain no preservatives.


Somen are a traditional type of Japanese noodle made from wheat, similar to udon noodles, but thinner due to being stretched when made. They are popularly eaten cold in Japan with a rich tsuyu soup to dip into before eating.

How To Use

These noodles are great in soups and stir frys.
• Add the noodles to boiling water.
• Cook for 2 mins., then drain and wash the noodles in cold water.
• Serve with pickles and dipping sauce, cold tsuyu sauce for the summer or hot dashi broth for the winter.

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  • Nutrition

    Per 100g
    • Calories: 334kcal
    • Total Fat: 2.0g
    • Sodium: 2.2g
    • Total Carb: 70.3g
    • Protein: 8.7g

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