Hikari Miso Instant Rich Miso Soup With Pork Stock (Tonjiru) 86g, 4 servings Low in Stock (only 5 left) 

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Try a thicker, heartier miso broth with this 4 serving packet of instant pork-stock miso soup. Containing chunks of onion, carrot and burdock, this rich miso soup is great for when you want a soup with a little more substance! Unbelievably easy to make, this miso soup is ready in mere minutes!


A member of the miso soup family, tonjiru, or ‘butajiru’ as it is known in Hokkaido and western Japan, is a rich, heartier version of everyday miso soup made by stewing pork and is perfect for those cold and rainy days.

How To Use

To make this instant tonjiru soup in seconds:
• Pour 1 sachet of tonjiru paste into a bowl.
• Add 160ml boiling water.
• Mix well!

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  • Nutrition

    Per 21.5g serving
    Energy: 41kcal
    Protein: 2.1g
    Fat: 1.6g
    Carbohydrates: 4.4g
    Salt: 0.792g

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