Glit & Brillia Blue Bento Lunchbox with Belts 145g 



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Save money and eat healthy by making your lunch for school or work and carry it in style with this cute sky blue bento lunchbox. This bento box has two main compartments, separate chopstick compartment and comes in a discount set with 2 blue bento lunchbox belts. The upper 4cm box is perfect for storing your meat or vegetable course and the lower 3cm section can carry up to 1.2 cups of cooked rice. Collapse the smaller compartment into the larger one after eating for convenient compact-ability. Microwave safe without lids. Total size approx. 15cm x 6.5cm x 8cm.


Bento are Japanese style lunch boxes. Not just a convenient meal, bento have been elevated to an art form with bento makers competeing to create bento lunchbox contents in the shape of famous fictional characters, landmarks or animals.

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  • Item Detail

    • Manufacturer: Glit & Brillia
    • Size: 145 g

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