Fuyou Daifuku Mochi Red Bean Dessert - Black Sesame *Consume within 1 day 110g 



Enjoy a truly luxurious and authentically Japanese dessert with this glutinous mochi rice cake stuffed with rich red bean chestnut filling and covered in black sesame seeds. Daifuku Mochi, bursting with sweet red bean, are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of refreshingly bitter sencha green tea.


Mochi is a traditional Japanese sticky rice cake made by pounding sweet glutinous rice into a paste. It is a popular form of rice in Japan, especially at New Year and can be eaten plain, in soups or with a sweet filling. Be careful when you eat it as it’s seriously chewy!

How To Use

This item was originally frozen and will become chilled during delivery. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions or our recommended use by date. Store in the fridge and do not refreeze. This item will be sent with cool gel in a poly box using Before Noon Delivery option (2-5 working days). UK mainland only.

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