Dousenbou Chaho Loose Yuuki Twig Tea 200g 



JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) certified bancha twig tea grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The tea leaves are grown in Kyoto, Japan. As this area is 500 meter above sea level where there are is plenty of clean air and water, which produces high quality green tea.


Bancha is a green tea like sencha, but the difference between them is the harvest season. Tea leaves for bancha are harvested from the second flush of sencha between summer and autumn, while sencha is usually made from first flush leaves. Due to this, bancha is considered to have a lower grade than sencha. However, Japanese people love its gentle sweetness and smooth taste as a daily drink.

How To Use

How to make healthy and delicious coarse tea for 3 people:
• Boil a kettle of water and let it cool a little.
• Put 1-2 tbsp bancha tea leaves into a pot and fill with the water until the leaves are covered.
• Leave to brew for a minute and then serve.

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