DK Sushi: Taste and Technique 810g 

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For the food lover who enjoys sushi bars and restaurants, or the adventurous cook keen to make exquisite morsels of sushi at home, this is an exciting new contemporary reference. This hardbacked, english-language book demonstrates how to make sushi at home with minimal effort. It explains the preparation of authentic ingredients and sets out the techniques for assembling traditional, vegetarian and fusion sushi in unrivalled photographs. Also contains tips on sushi etiquette.

Contents include:
What Is Sushi?, Utensils, Ingredients, Basic Recipes, Round and Flat Fish, Shellfish and Roe, Scattered Sushi, Stuffed Sushi, Pressed Sushi, Rolled Sushi, Hand-Formed Sushi, At A Sushi Bar, Etiquette, What To Drink, Sushi At Home, Troubleshooting, Glossary and Directory.


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